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My Scottish Fold for sale in Los Angeles

It's no surprise that this breed has endeared itself to cat lovers with its mild, soothing meows and lovely, friendly demeanor. Scottish folds kittens and cats are gentle creatures who like playing and being in the company of others, along their special little talents that consist of them being able to stand-on their hind legs along with being able to arrange themselves in various, unusual positions or otherwise known as the “Buddha-Position”. These human like positions make this breed even more likeable since it feels closer to us, humans

Scottish Fold in Los Angeles

Scottish fold cats make great, affectionate pets that thrive on human interaction without being too demanding for your constant attention. Folds tend to bond with their caregivers a lot and usually follow them around the house. In general, the more you love your fold, the more it’s going to love you back. They are calm animals who always enjoy playing and being around people. Their playfulness is a huge plus, especially if you have kids. Scottish folds are very playful and this combined with their high intelligence scores (usually) make them suitable for owners who wish to play various games with their pets and like to engage them in various activities.

Scottish Fold kitten for sale

In terms of personality Scottish folds vary almost as much as humans do. These cats have a balanced temperament, meaning they are not abnormally active, but they are more energetic than just a lap cat. They can adapt to a variety of situations and get along well with small children, friendly dogs, and other cats. They are easygoing, making them perfect for those who want a simple loving companion. Thanks to their adaptability and usually outgoing personalities they can be social even in the most crowded places

The Scottish Fold nursery in Los Angeles

Since one of a breeding pair must not have folded ears (Fd), the chances of producing a Fd kitten in a litter is 50% over a period of time. That is to say, not every litter will produce 50% Fd kittens. People mistake breeding this breed as thinking you need both parents to be folds , which isn't the case . If both parents are folds the kittens would 100% come out with straight ears and their offspring are to suffer many genetic deformities .Breeding this breed is very difficult, even for experienced breeders.

Because mistakes can lead to the fact that your pet will suffer from joint disease all his life.

Never buy a Scottish Fold kitten without making sure of the competence of the breeder and without seeing the kitten's parents

Solara (Mom)

Mother our beautiful Scottish Fold cats.

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Luna (Mom)

Here is our extremely adorable Scottish Fold mother Luna.

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Onix (Dad)

Here is Onix. He is the father of our Scottish Fold cats.

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